Day 281:

I don’t have a ton of readers, but I know that most of you that follow my journey are widowed. If you are a widowed person, I wanted to let you know about a forum for people in our tribe called I previously belonged to a different forum, but it was shut down suddenly and is where the community migrated. It is a great bunch of people over there and although it is only a month and a half old or so, we already have over 500 members. The community has helped me out so much in having perspective and feeling so much less alone on my tough days. So, if you are looking to find people that “get it”, check it out.

Good thing for today: There was some drama yesterday with the townhouse I was buying as the appraisal was 5k under the agreed upon purchase amount. After some posturing between the agents, the sellers agreed to lower the price 5k. Excellent news!