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Day 33: exhaustion

I think I may have gotten to the point where I need to go to the doctor and get something to help me sleep. It is the oddest feeling to be so close to falling over from exhaustion yet so unable to give into sleep. I think most of the time I’m in a foggy place in between sleep and wakefulness, dipping my toes into each side of the divide when it becomes absolutely necessary. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I like the fog, but there is some comfort there. I cannot see far enough behind or ahead to be anxious or afraid, I just have to be, which has its own set of challenges but none so hard as the other options.

Today’s positive: The lobster rolls I bought with a forgotten gift certificate have arrived and actually sound good for dinner!

2 thoughts on “Day 33: exhaustion

  1. I like your additions of 1 positive despite the negatives! I carry Mark’s billfold in my purse which still has a little bit of money in it, which I save for special treats when I know he’d want to celebrate something or cheer me up.


  2. I love that! I’m really trying hard to combat the hopeless and lonely feelings with things that ordinarily would make me happy or at least content. Hopefully as time goes on it will become hard to pick just one thing per post. That’s the goal anyways,


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