Day 18: Storms

Someone told me that when his sister died, colors stopped seeming as bright. Until I heard that, I didn’t realize he was right and that everything has looked off. I live in the desert and this time of year, everything is bright. But even the sky has slipped into a dreary gray. That one is not my imagination though, we’ve been getting storms.

I always loved storms… the wind and rain washing away all of the dust and grime. I love the smell of rain as it is such a rare treat. Whenever it would rain, I’d always force him to come outside onto the patio and watch the rain, even if it was blowing in onto us sideways due to the strong gusts of wind. He’d never last as long as I would and never loved them as much, but he would always humor me and attempt to enjoy it.

I know that it is monsoon season, but I like to think that maybe he is sending some of these awesome storms my way, even if it seems silly.